Feasibility study

A $370,000 feasibility study for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail was completed by a Victorian Department of Transport team in October 2021. 

The study found that the route following the railway alignment was practical and would provide a range of benefits to local communities including safer ways to walk and ride to local places such as shops, business and schools.

This information update about the outcome of the Feasibility Study was issued in October 2021.  

The Vicroads page for the feasibility study has now been deleted. The last archive available is 24 March 2023.


The final report obtained from the Victorian government in November 2023 by a Freedom of Information Request submitted by Dr Monique Ryan MP's office can be viewed here.

The study identified the rail corridor alignment option as the preferred route for both the Western and Eastern sections, scoring highest in both the technical assessment and ease of implementation assessment.

It also aligns well with strategic cycling corridor principles and is well supported by key stakeholder groups.

Estimated cost

During the feasibility study, the approximate cost of options for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail were:

The actual cost will be determined when detailed designs are completed for the route.

To put this in context, the recently completed Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level crossing removal project that removed two road level crossings has cost a total of nearly $1 billion.