23 June 2024 Discovery Ride

Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail discovery ride - Glenferrie Station through Hawthorn to the Yarra, Sun 23 June 2024

We met at Glenferrie Station and saw how the trail can be elevated next the tracks using unused spans on the existing bridges.  This will provide uninterrupted walking and cycling separate from existing pedestrian paths next to the railway line.

We cycled to locations and route options along the trail including Grace Park,  Hawthorn Station, St James Park and potential locations for a new bridge crossing the Yarra River to Richmond.

We rode the short section of shared path next to Hilda Crescent near the Glenferrie Oval that could be connected with a new shared path to Kew following the old Kew branch railway line.

We rode through the gravel tracks in Grace Park to cross Power St and look at the possibility of the trail going under the Power Street bridge (there is room for it!).

We then rode past St James Park and along Mason Street down to Creswick Street where  a new shared path bridge could cross the Yarra to connect to the Main Yarra Trail and other bike routes in the City of Yarra.

We then went to under Bridge Road past the Hawthorn Rowing clubj, up the very steep Isabella Grove hill the along Yarra Street bridge over of the railway lines.  There is room for a shared path bridge on the spans of the existing rail bridge but it would be difficult to build a shared path next to the three railway lines to get there.

See Route map for more information on where the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail could go.

Glenferrie Station south entrance pedestrian path

Unused rail bridge spans can be used for the trail.

Outside the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Riding the short section of shared path next to Hilda Crescent

Checking room available for the bike path under the Power Street bridge.

Mason Street Hawthorn - one of the route options to a new Yarra River crossing

Under the Bridge Road bridge

Railway tracks at the Yarra Street bridge