Here are statements from supporters of the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail.

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Mr John Pesutto MP, Leader of the Opposition, Member for Hawthorn

As the Member for Hawthorn, I am pleased to advise that I have been lending my local support for the continued completion of design and construction of the Hawthorn to Box Hill Cycling Corridor, beyond the relatively small section between Mont Albert Road and Union Road that is currently being undertaken as part of the level crossing removal project ancillary works.

I am strongly of the view that the Hawthorn to Box Hill cycling corridor project when completed, will provide substantial ongoing benefits to the people of Hawthorn and beyond with greatly improved commuter and recreational cycling access along the proposed route, expanded connection to the strategy cycling routes across the Melbourne metropolitan area and significantly improved health and carbon emissions outcomes in future.

Cr Mark Lane, Mayor, City of Whitehorse

"Whitehorse City Council strongly supports the implementation of the Hawthorn to Box Hill Cycling Corridor.  It will provide a real transport option for people looking to use active transport for short and long trips and help provide connections to other trails, including the Box Hill to Ringwood Trail."

"The Hawthorn to Box Hill Cycling Corridor is identified in Action 4.3 in the Box Hill MAC Integrated Transport Strategy (2020), to implement Strategic Cycling Corridors in Box Hill.  It is also included as a priority project in the Eastern Regional Trails Strategy, of which Whitehorse City Council is a member."

Cr Felicity Sinfield, Mayor, City of Boroondara

“Council supports the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail Strategic Cycling Corridor through its adopted Boroondara Bicycle Strategy. The corridor presents a significant opportunity to deliver a high quality, low stress dedicated off-road (where possible) link that would provide a range of benefits to both the Boroondara community and broader communities.  

It would allow for a safe, connected and direct corridor to walk and ride linking major activity centres, shopping centres, train stations, local schools, Swinburne University and other local attractions.  We continue to advocate to the Victorian Government to commit and build a fit for purpose trail to better meet the needs of the communities now and into the future.”  

Paul Hamer MP, Box Hill

"There is strong community support for a safe cycling route from Box Hill to Hawthorn, as evidenced by the petition which I tabled in this Parliament last year, signed by almost 2000 local residents. The recent upsurge in the usage of shared paths for walking, cycling and jogging during the stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions has demonstrated the great demand that exists for improved bicycle infrastructure and the role that such infrastructure plays in improving resilience in local communities."   Hansard 17 June 2020.

Bicycle Network

"The construction of a trail that follows the railway line east from Hawthorn station to Box Hill station will create a safer place to walk and ride to access the existing ten train stations along the route, over 20 schools, and countless local business and workplaces. The new trail would also bring together and link a number of existing trails such as the Anniversary Trail, Gardiners Creek Trail, Capital City Trail and the Box Hill to Ringwood Rail Trail." 

"Communities in Melbourne’s east have been advocating for a safer, off road transport option since 1995 and in 2022, the community advocacy continues to call for action with over 1300 signing a petition in late 2021 to build the trail." Victorian Pre-Budget Submission 2022/23 February 2022

Dr Monique Ryan, Kooyong MP

"It's time we finally build the Box Hill to Hawthorn safe cycling corridor. More than 20 schools and other education instituions will be served by the trail. It will be used by thousands, it will bolster businesses, it will cut emissions and save transport costs." Australian Parliament, 14 June 2023

"I’m urging the Victorian Government to finally get on its bike and build the long-awaited Hawthorn to Box Hill Bike Trail."

"It would cut congestion, save lives, and support local businesses."

"The bike path is the missing link between the east and the city. It would be used by tens of thousands riding to school and work."

Kate Prest, Camberwell

“Both my children risk their lives to ride to school. Building this trail and linking it with safe separated routes to all schools along the corridor would provide an enormous uplift in wellbeing to so many school aged children and their parents.”

"The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail would provide a safe separated route directly into Camberwell shops so I don’t need to ride along the rather scary Riversdale and Camberwell Roads. “

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail would provide a more direct and flatter route into the city.  It would save me dropping down to Gardiner’s Creek and then having to ride up the hill in the evening.  It would be even better if funding was found to build a new pedestrian/bike bridge across the Yarra to link to the separated bike infrastructure through to the City of Yarra.”

Greg Buchanan, Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Progress Association

"A bridge over Elgar Road for the shared user path (possibly attached to the existing rail bridge) would improve safety and amenity for cyclists and pedestrians and be a significant step towards linking the Box Hill major activity centre with adjacent communities. Steps such as this must surely magnify the attraction of cycling and walking for people of all ages and abilities and have multiple community wide benefits."

"We add our support and urge a commitment by the Federal and Victorian governments towards finalising the planning and construction of the Box Hill-Hawthorn shared user path." [Letter]

Clive appleton, Kew

“Excellent initiative; we need to connect bike paths to main centres and trains. Many bike lanes are in fact places where cars park hence they are actually of little value. I would like to see an overarching grand plan for Melbourne bike path connections.”

Malcolm Faul, Hawthorn

“There is currently no east-west shared path across the centre of Boroondara.  This trail is needed to complement the Box Hill to Ringwood trail, which already exists.”

“As a step towards sustainability, we need to encourage cycle commuting in any way possible.”

Dr Lena Sanci, Surrey Hills

“With all the secondary schools in Boroondara we need to enable active transport along the Hawthorn to Box Hill railway line for young people to safely commute to and from school by bike.”

“I would value a safe off road bike path from Camberwell junction to Surrey Hills for local shopping trips”

Rus Hamilton, Canterbury

“To cycle from Canterbury to the Yarra along Burwood road, past Swinburne Uni takes me 20 minutes early Sunday morning. Other times it is too dangerous. To drive to Bridge road in peak hour takes more than an hour during school term. A bike path from BoxHill to the Yarra Hawthorn is a no-brainer, particularly because the unfit uni students could use  E-bikes.”

Glennys Jones, Glen Iris

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail will provide a safe and connected Active Transport corridor schools, public transport, shops and recreational facilities designed to meet the needs of all ages and abilities.”

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail has the potential to reduce car dependence in our community, reducing traffic congestion and providing an affordable sustainable option for getting around Boroondara and beyond.”

“Walking, riding and scooting to school gets kids out of cars. It builds fitness, independence and resilience.   The Hawthorn to Boxhill Trail provides access to over twenty schools and a safe option for kids to get active daily.”

David Blom, Nunawading

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail will save riders from Box Hill through to Ringwood at least 5km on their daily commute compared with routes that go via the Koonung Creek Trail or the Gardiners Creek Trail (with a good deal less hill climbing) and will make going to locations like Hawthorn, Camberwell, Swinburne Uni or Richmond, quicker and safer.”

“This trail will allow riders to start in the CBD and ride along path that follows the train lines to Belgrave (Puffing Billy) or on to Lilydale and to the Warburton and Yarra Valley trails (Wineries, Mt Donna Buang, Healesville Sanctuary), making recreational and cycle tourism of some of Victoria’s best tourism locations all that little bit closer.”

Kevin Lee, Balwyn

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill trail will provide a safe connection to the city by bicycle, instead of using  circuitous off-road paths, or lots of indirect back streets to avoid main roads, especially in Camberwell, Hawthorn East and Hawthorn.”

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill trail will save a lot of distance by being a much more direct route to the city.”

Michael Hassett, Blackburn

“This is a vital component of a much needed cycling corridor serving Melbourne’s East.”

“More people cycling improves health and avoids carbon emissions.”

Don McDonald, Surrey Hills

“The Victorian government has already completed a strategic assessment of proposal.”

“Only a modest investment for a great return in recreational, commuting and health benefits.”

“Accept some potentially difficult detailed routing decisions and expensive grade separated crossings of Elgar and Canterbury roads.”

Vaughn Allan, Hawthorn

“It’s time we gave people genuine alternatives to reduce their transport emissions with safe and separate bike lanes.”

“We can’t get to net zero emissions without more people walking and cycling. We can’t get more people walking and cycling without safer infrastructure like the Box Hill to Hawthorn trail.”

“Delivering the Box Hill to Hawthorn trail would allow me to ride to and from work completely separate from traffic. It’s time we got on with it!”

Zane Jackson, Box Hill

“I cycle to work regularly from Box Hill to Richmond. I love cycling to keep fit, but the current on road route is unsafe and I have had a few near misses. This trail would improve my day to day life hugely, encourage me and my colleagues to cycle more often and keep so many people on bikes safe.”

Greg Curtin, Blackburn Sth

“The Box Hill to Hawthorn rail trail would galvanise bike riding to the city from the Eastern suburbs – a truly fantastic cycling opportunity!”

“It would complement the Box Hill to Ringwood rail trail and provide a significant boost to cycling in Melbourne.”

“Commuters could ride part way, train part way, easing rail congestion!”

Shaun Ruigrok, Ringwood

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail will finally provide the missing efficient and direct route to the city from the eastern suburbs that we so desperately need.”

“This will make cycling a viable alternative to driving for commuters, shoppers, families, and more – encouraging more people to ride more often.”

Peter Campbell, Surrey Hills

“I would use the Hawthorn to Box Hill trail for both local and longer cycling trips. We need safe bike routes to encourage more people to ride bikes.”

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill trail would be used by many students to get to their school or Swinburne University. There are twenty schools and other education institutions either adjacent to the trail or very close to it.”

“The Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail will provide a healthy, safe and sustainable transport option that will reduce carbon emissions, save money on fuel costs and decrease traffic congestion.”