Write letters to your MPs

When you write a letter to your local MPs about the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail they are obliged to respond and to refer your questions to relevant ministers.

Here are some suggestions for your letter(s).

Sample letter - edit as you wish

[Date of letter/email]

Dear [MP first name]

I write to request you to support and seek funding for the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail - a shared user path that will connect Box Hill to a number of locations in Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, Canterbury, Hawthorn and to the Main Yarra Trail in Richmond.

There is currently no safe cycling route along this important corridor. I find the lack of safe cycling trails to be a major barrier preventing me from riding a bike more.

I would use this trail for both local and longer trips for commuting, shopping and recreation.

Riding a bike reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution associated with transport and reduces traffic congestion.

[Add more personal information about how and why you, your family and friends would use the trail]

Could you please contact relevant minister to request that funding be allocated to design and build the Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail?

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name]

[Your residental address]

[Your contact details - email, mobile etc]

Members of parliament and contact details

Members of Parliament - Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail